To be clear, Bremer Jewelry cares more about WHY you’re here than how much you spend. When it comes to engagement rings, the MEANING behind the ring is what’s important – NOT the size of the diamond. That being said, we know that if you are buying an engagement ring you want it to look as big and bright as it can, no matter it’s size. It is, after all, a symbol of your love and commitment!

Regardless of the stone size you choose, here are 7 easy ways to make your ring it look its best with little or no significant price increase.

1. Choose a slimmer band

Yes, it’s an optical illusion. More of the diamond extends beyond the edge of a slimmer band, making it appear bigger! The upside of this trick is that a thinner band = less metal = less money! Stop by Bremer Jewelry and shop our extensive selection of solitaire settings.

2.  Go with fewer/slimmer prongs

The more of the diamond you cover up, the smaller it’s going to look, especially when the prongs are yellow or rose gold. Sticking with four slender prongs will typically make the diamond look bigger.

If you love the look of yellow or rose gold, try going with white gold or platinum prongs. They’ll blend in better with the diamond:

3. Choose a bright white gold or platinum band

Whenever you can blur that line between the edge of the diamond and the band, the stone will appear bigger. By choosing a high polish metal type, your diamond will be reflected in its surface like a mirror, giving it a bigger look.  Shop white gold or platinum engagement rings now!

4. Add a halo

The same principal applies here. By adding a halo, you’re blurring the edge of the center diamond, making it appear larger. And since smaller diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds, the smaller stones in a halo will cost less than adding size to the center. Halo engagement rings continue to be very popular and Bremer Jewelry carries a wide assortment!

5. Consider the shape

Assuming a good cut, some diamond shapes carry more surface area on the top than others. Oftentimes a round diamond looks larger than other cuts of the same weight. This is because the circular cut is often not as deep, allowing it to carry more surface area on its top (table). Elongated stones, such as oval, emerald, and marquis shapes, can also look bigger for their carat weight. However, you don’t want to get a stone that is cut too shallow just to gain a larger table. You will be sacrificing cut quality (see #6)!

6. Choose an excellent cut

Pay attention to the cut for maximum sparkle! A well cut diamond will reflect more light, making it appear bigger. If you must, sacrifice in other areas of the diamond (color, clarity, and carat), but don’t compromise on cut!

If you’re determined to pursue the utmost in cut perfection, you may want to consider The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond™ from Hearts On Fire® These diamonds are scientifically proven to reflect the most light!

Custom made platinum setting featuring a Hearts On Fire® center stone


7. Keep it clean!

You’d be surprised how quickly dirt and grime can accumulate under a diamond as well as in the other crevices of the setting! Plus, diamonds are oleophilic, which means they are naturally attracted to grease and oils. This is why diamond jewelry so easily picks up fingerprints. Any oil, dust, dirt and grime that sits on you diamond is going to negatively impact its ability to reflect light.  If you wear your ring all the time it is going to require more frequent cleaning (and rhodium plating if applicable) to keep it looking its best. Bremer Jewelry wants to make sure that your diamond is always safe in its setting and looking its absolute best.  Therefore, we will gladly clean and inspect any ring (regardless of its grimy state) for free! Look what a difference a good cleaning makes:

In closing, remember that all rings/diamonds are different and the suggestions listed above may not apply to the particular style you have chosen.  Our best advice is to not get overly hung up on the specifics of the ring and/or diamond – just make sure it reflects your taste and personality. If you love the look of tulip prongs, go for it. If rose gold is your absolute favorite metal and you want a thick band – do it. If you detest the look of halos – don’t get one. The only thing we’re gonna be a stickler for is #7 – keep it clean, girls! It’s free!