Bremer Jewelry’s exclusive ONE DAY ONLY Le Vian® Pop-Shops are coming on May 10 (Bloomington) and May 11 (Peoria). Many of you have already RSVP’d and we are so excited to see you there! For those of you who aren’t sure or who are on the fence, let us give you 4 solid reasons why you should come to this amazing event:

1. Le Vian® Family and History

If for no other reason, you should come to the Pop-Up Shop simply to gawk at the beautiful pieces created by a family business with a long and storied history. “History” in Le Vian terms means 500 years. Five. Hundred. Years.

Le Vian® Jewelers have been purveyors of fine jewelry since the 15th century when the Nadir Shah of Persia conquered India and brought back the fabled Kohinoor diamond, the largest ruby ever discovered and other priceless gems. Who could be trusted to guard his treasures? The LeVian family, whose ancestry dates back 2500 years to the priestly Levi tribe of ancient Israel. Source: Le Vian.

Today, the Koh-I-Noor diamond is set in the front of the Queen Mother’s Crown, part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, and is seen by millions of visitors to the Tower of London each year.

Fast forward (a lot) to 1950 when Mr. A. Levian realizes a longtime dream by emigrating from Persia to the United States, establishing the company in New York with the finest gemstones available in the world handset into “invisible settings.”

Le Vian sets and maintains fashion trends by using popular gemstones such as Peach Morganite™, Neopolitan Opal™ and Vanilla Diamonds™ in their designs.

Today Le Vian® is led by his sons, daughters and extended family, each of whom have held a vital role in building Le Vian® to its current stature in the fine jewelry industry. The House of Le Vian® is the fashion couture fine jeweler of choice, combing high style fashion trend forecasting and glamorous handmade fine jewelry designs.

Queen Latifah accessorizes a Badgley Mischka gown with Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® chandelier style earrings and a bold cuff. Source:

 2. Originality

Bremer’s Le Vian Pop-Up Shop is the ONLY place in Central Illinois where you’ll find over 1,000 One-Of-A-Kind and Limited Edition Le Vian pieces.  You will NOT find these styles in our regular inventory or in stores anywhere. They are exclusive to Le Vian shows.

All dressed up: Ariana Grande wore a hot pink satin gown brilliantly styled with a Le Vian Couture Vanilla Diamonds® necklace at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. Source:

Le Vian artisans are in a constant state of creativity. Their amazing design team creates more than 2000 designs per MONTH, and 500 of these are actually produced. Because their styles are constantly changing and evolving, Le Vian has established itself as a leading trendsetter in the jewelry industry and favorite amongst celebrities.

Casual edge: Gwen Stefani appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and incorporated several Le Vian pieces into her edgy style. She wore a flared skirt with chocolate and black plaid, over the black suede boots, AND a selection of Le Vian® rings and a Chocolate Diamonds® bangle. Source:

3. Value-Quality of Merchandise

When you shop Le Vian, you are assured the highest quality gemstones and unique craftsmanship. In particular,  Le Vian has chosen as its mission to search through the highest quality natural fancy color brown diamonds, the top 5% percent, to selectively procure – and brand – the diamonds that met the company’s exacting standards: C4-C7 color range; SI or higher clarity (eye clean); cut to Le Vian‘s standards; and responsibly sourced by Le Vian.

In 2009 the US Office of Patent and Trademarks, concurred with Le Vian®, that Chocolate Diamonds® had achieved distinctiveness as a brand of Le Vian Corporation.

4. Everlasting

You can purchase Le Vian with complete confidence. Le Vian doesn’t mess around with quality.  Not only are all pieces cut and crafted by hand with great attention to detail, every piece is documented with a certificate of authenticity and warranty.  And they don’t stop there. Le Vian collectors have the opportunity to trade up at Le Vian shows. That’s right. If buy a piece and get tired of it or decide it’s just not you, you can trade it in for a different piece at a Le Vian show! These guarantees of quality and satisfaction make owning and collecting Le Vian even more enjoyable.

Actress Angela Sarafyan (left), best known for her role as Clementine Pennyfeather on HBOs “Westworld” wore a body hugging orange dress paired with gold clutch and colorful Le Vian® jewelry including Cinnamon Citrine® earrings and Cotton Candy Amethyst® ring. Actress Christina Milian (right) also chose a body hugging dress, a neutral color design with studded detailing. Milan completed her style with Le Vian® Vanilla Diamonds® earrings, Peach Morganite™ ring and Mint Julep Quartz™ ring. Source:

Oh and let’s just make it FIVE reasons, shall we?

5. RSVP and get 20% off your Le Vian® purchase

RSVP to our Le Vian® Pop-Up Shop and receive 20% your Le Vian® purchase! Just click the button below.  We’ll see you there!

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