Too busy to stay current with fashion trends? No worries, your Bremer Family has your back. Below are our favorite jewelry trends for fall that are on-point and easy-to-wear!

1. Everything Rose Gold

Did you know there is no such thing as naturally occurring rose gold? It’s made by adding copper to molten gold. Jewelry manufacturers tinker around with different ratios of the two to find their signature rosy hue. Oftentimes those special formulas become closely guarded trade secrets! Rose gold evokes the color of a late summer sunset and is the perfect accompaniment to this seasons jewel-toned fashion.  So put on your rose-colored glasses and join us in our fixation on pieces such as these:

Rose Gold For The Weekend:

A.JAFFE MAPS pendant in rose gold (ZJAFF00246) – $1,495

Shinola Cass in Rose Gold (WALO506139) – $700

Assorted PANDORA Rose® beads starting at $40

Bronzallure Rose Gold Plated Earrings (FAER06344) – $69

Rose Gold For Fancy Shindigs:

Hearts On Fire “Hex” 18k Rose Gold Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG22376) – $2,200

Bremer Jewelry “Two-Stone” 14k Rose Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER26260) – $1,495 

Forevermark 18k Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02623) – $1,375 

2. Nature-Inspired Designs

There’s something about the fall that draws people to nature. Cooler temps make it easier to be outdoors. The changing colors of the leaves are a fleeting treat no one wants to miss. And then of course we feel like we need to store up some extra outdoors time before winter comes! Fall fashion tends to reflect the best in nature this time of year. Jewel-tone colors and nature-inspired patterns will always be trending during the fall! Here are some of our favorite ways to accessorize with nature-inspired jewelry:

Nature-Inspired For Work:

The Palmera Collection by HERA: Two-Tone Diamond Necklace (FAPE08397) – $795

HERA “Palmera” Two-Tone Diamond Earrings (FAER05988) – $595

HERA “Cocktail Stax” Sterling Silver Gemstone Bracelet (FABR15347) – $375

Nature-Inspired For Fancy Shindigs:

Simon G Two-Tone Diamond Necklace (1DIPE47035) – $1,870, Simon G 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER25122) – $2,090, Forevermark Two-Tone Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02696) – $2,995

Simon G Two-Tone Diamond Necklace (1DIPE47035) – $1,870

Simon G 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER25122) – $2,090

Forevermark Two-Tone Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02696) – $2,995

3. Stacking Bracelets

Jewelry stacking and layering of all kinds has gained a strong following and it doesn’t show any sign fading! Bracelets are a big part of this trend and we’re happy to help you decipher the best ways to layer ’em up! And don’t forget – a watch is technically a bracelet, too, so if you’re already sporting a timepiece, start by seeing what looks good alongside it.


When stacking bracelets of the same metal color, it’s best to vary the widths and textures within the stack. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Shinola Cass in Rose Gold (WALO506139) – $700

Bronzallure Rose Gold Plated CZ Bolo Bracelet (FABR16451) $159

Bronzallure Rose Gold Plated Quartz Bracelet (FABR17731) $139

Forevermark 18k Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02623) $1,375

Color Pop

Or, try adding a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome stack. Now is a great time to add some colorful bangles to your jewelry box; now through October 4th you can stack and save up to $116 on PANDORA enamel bangles!

Shinola “Birdy” Ladies Watch with Navy Mother of Pearl Dial (WALO505960) $475

PANDORA Enamel and Cubic Zirconia Bangle Bracelet (PDBB01633) $85

ELLE “Flare” Sterling Silver Bracelet (FABR08690) $215

Forevermark 18k White Gold and Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02678) $2,745

Mix It Up

If you love it – wear it! Your bracelet stack does not have to be matchy-matchy or perfectly coordinated. Just remember, the louder your bracelet stack speaks, the more you should back down on other jewelry you’re wearing.  Also keep in mind that extreme or eclectic bracelet layering tends to work best with monochromatic outfits.

Movado Heritage Celestograf Watch with Navy Leather Strap (WALO506399) $695

Bremer Jewelry “Two Stone” Two Tone Bracelet (1DIBB02507) $2,695

Bronzallure Rose Gold Plated and Green Agate Bracelet (FABR15735) $169

Bremer Two Tone Buckle Bracelet (FABR16865) $195

4. Sculptural Earrings

We don’t know about you, but earrings are probably our most-often switched up piece of jewelry. Our hairstyle, outfit choice, and mood all dictate which earrings we grab for the day. Sculptural earrings are very on-trend right now and offer so many fun options!


Ear climbers come in many styles, both conservative and edgy. If you’re not sure you can pull off this current trend, start on the conservative side. You might be surprised! Plus, most climbers have the added advantage of being worn as either a dangle earring OR a climber!

Bremer Jewelry 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER27870) – $1,425


PANDORA Dazzling Daisy Climber Earring (PDER03908)-$65

 Alt Shapes

If you’re tired of your plain studs and hoops, now is the time to experiment with alt-shaped earrings!

Forevermark Mini Rae Earrings (1DIER25791) – $1,900


ELLE “Trefoil” Sterling Silver Earrings (FAER06594) – $95


Simon G. 18k white gold and diamond hoop earrings (1DIER27169) – $2,420

Convertible Earrings

Possibly our favorite in the store right now, these convertible diamond earrings can be worn not one, not two, but SIX different ways. You heard right. Six. And maybe more if you have more piercings to experiment with, but six is as far as we got 🙂

Bremer Basics Yellow Gold and Diamond Convertible Earrings (1DIER27839) – $10,995 Also available in white gold and rose gold!

We hope we’ve stoked your creative fire and gotten you excited to work some of these jewelry trends into your wardrobe this fall!