You’ve got the perfect girl, you’ve got the perfect ring, now it’s time for the perfect proposal with a little help from your family at Bremer Jewelry with 78 ways to pop the question. (It’s also the perfect time because we have our Tax Free Bridal Weekend coming up April 9th through the 12th!)

Proposal Planning

We know, it’s a big step and no doubt, something you’ve put a lot of thought into. Well, we don’t want to scare you but a recent survey indicated that one in four women were “disappointed” with their proposal. Ouch! Don’t worry; that won’t happen to you, because we have a “can’t-miss” playbook for you to follow.

  1. Decide whether to surprise her with the ring or let her pick it out herself.
    • If she picks it out at the store, make the day special.  Take her to get a manicure afterwards.  Make sure you keep the mood going with a great dinner too!
    • If you’re going to surprise her, select a date and time.
  2. Make all the necessary arrangements: reservations, props, people, etc.
    • Is it important to her for family and/or friends to be there?
    • Is a public proposal really her thing?
  3. Write down what your plan to say! Read it over and over again. Don’t wing it!
  4. Think about capturing the moment. Look into hidden cameras, photographers, videographers, or something unique to make that moment live on forever.
  5. Don’t be nervous. Get down on one knee and speak from your heart. Remember, she’s in love with you and you with her. She is has been waiting for this day her entire life, and you are the one that gets to make her dreams come true!


Think of Bremer Jewelry as your Proposal Coach.  We’ve seen and heard it all.  If you need a good game plan, get it from the people who know what their talking about…and have a winning record to prove it.

Check out our Proposal Planning Kit to get you starting on the perfect proposal.