The transition to fall – you see it in stores everywhere, from the leaves and scarecrows in the home decor aisle at Hobby Lobby to the bins upon bins of school supplies at Wal Mart. The pool floats and grilling supplies have been relegated to the clearance section, though it’s still prime pool floating and grilling season!

If you’re like us, you’ve got an eager eye on the new – the fall palettes, styles, and trends – while keeping a possessive grip on the fun and freedom that is SUMMER. Lucky for all of us, the style experts at Bremer Jewelry have put together a collection of transitional pieces that you can wear now as well as into the fall and even winter. These are versatile pieces that aren’t pigeonholed into a specific season and therefore make smart buys. Let’s take a look!

The Les Georgettes Bracelet

Reversible bracelets from Les Georgettes are the ultimate transitional accessory. For example, the geometric yet organic pattern of “Girafe” is season-less and will look stylish now as well as in the fall. Just choose a leather insert that flaunts a summery hue (like blue-green nimbus) on one side…

Les Georgettes 14mm yellow gold plated “Girafe” cuff with reversible lilium (red-orange) and nimbus (blue-green) leather insert (FABR20214) – $79


…and an earthy fall tone (like red-orange lilium) on the other and voila, you’ve got yourself one very versatile bracelet!

Les Georgettes offers a multitude of style combinations. There 24 different designs, 3 width options, 3 metal colors, and a slew of reversible inserts, so that means over 12,000 possible options for your personalized Les Georgette piece!  Visit one of our stores to see the entire collection and customize your very own!

Les Georgettes 14mm “Infini” sterling silver bracelet with sun/metallic silver leather insert (FABR20230) – $79



The timeless style of pearls makes them wildly versatile across a wide range of styles and their effervescent coloring allows them to adapt to almost any palette. You can buy and wear pearls right now with confidence knowing that they’ll add feminine sophistication to your summer outfits…

…and carry you right through fall:

Honora cultured pearl strands are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors – see store for details!


For more information on pearls, check out our June birthstone blog!

Honora Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace (PRST02856) – $180


Popular Tin Cup style pearls are an approachable accessory for day or night, dressed up or dressed down! Yellow gold and white pearl necklace (PRPE11809) – $295, Rose gold and pink pearl necklace (PRPE11825) – $295, White gold and white pearl bracelet (PRBR03775) – $125, Rose gold and pink pearl earrings (PRER09822) – $195


Hoop Earrings

The open, airy shape of hoop earrings lends itself to easy, breezy summer styles. While this year’s crop of trendy hoops tend to be HUGE and COLORFUL, we recommend investing in a more classic style of hoop that will never go out of style!

Hoop earrings come in a variety of metal colors and finishes. We’re finding that high polish silver is still VERY popular (and affordable!) as well as the essential diamond hoop.

The right pair of hoops can be worn year-round with everything from summer dresses and tshirts to the sweaters and jackets of fall. They can be worn with your hair up or down, long or short. They rank right up there with studs as our favorite earring for everyday wear!

Simon G 18k yellow gold and diamond hoop earrings (1DIER28472) – $2,530

ELLE sterling silver hoop earrings (FAER01296) – $100

HERA “Mediterra” Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings (FAER06077) – $295