Anybody who has kids knows that time truly flies. This Father’s Day, give him the gift of time with a quality timepiece. Every man should own a quality watch and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give him one. Need more convincing? Go back and read our post on why he should wear a watch.

With FOUR rock solid brands to choose from, Bremer makes it easy to choose just the right watch for any dad. The Bremer Jewelry watch collection spans a wide variety of styles at many different price points. You might be surprised at how affordable a good watch can be! It’ll last a lifetime and take his style to another level.

The 48mm Runwell Sport Chrono with slate gray dial and tan beaumont strap (WAGO508208) – $875

Shinola® knows there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future. That’s why they are there. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. They are reclaiming the making of things that are made well. And defining American luxury through American quality. Hard work and personal investment are things that any dad holds in high regard. Give him a watch that stands for the very same things he does. Here are some of our current faves from Shinola (we have many more in our stores):

Canfield Sport by Shinola. 45mm stainless steel case with black leather strap (WAGO509207) – $850

The Runwell 47mm watch from Shinola with stainless steel case, cream dial, and nut brown leather strap (WAGO508146) – $550

The 42mm Canfield Bolt with blue sunray dial and bourbon leather strap (WAGO509109) – $650

The Bedrock by Shinola. 42mm dress watch with midnight blue dial and oxblood leather strap (WAGO508823) – $900

We are adding more great Shinola watches to our website soon. Stop by one of our stores to see all available styles!


From Citizen – 43mm Brycen Titanium chrono watch with brown leather strap (WAGU509813) – $425

For over 40 years, CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology has served as the prime example of how the brand is dedicated to making the world and its environment a better place. A simple yet revolutionary concept, Eco-Drive harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy. Eco-Drive enables the use of a renewable natural resource instead of filling our landfills with discarded watch batteries. The Citizen name speaks to the belief of inclusion with a multi-cultural mindset to create timepieces that can be enjoyed by citizens all over the world.

A Citizen watch is perfect for the dad that loves his tech as much as he loves being a responsible citizen of planet earth. Here are our top picks:

The 43mm Paradigm by Citizen. Titanium construction with black dial and black ion plated case and strap (WAGU510389) – $525

Citizen Eco-Drive 36mm stainless steel watch with gold accents (WAGU510629) – $225

Citizen EcoDrive 44mm watch with stainless steel case and bracelet, blue dial, and chrono sub dials (WAGU510017) – $375

44mm rose-tone stainless steel watch with leather strap by Citizen (WAGU510322) – $325

We are adding more great Citizen watches to our website soon. Stop by one of our stores to see all available styles!


40mm Ultra Slim watch from Movado with stainless steel bracelet and blue dial (WAGO509289) – $795

The Movado Museum Watch traces its roots to the beginnings of the modern design movement and the group of international artists who founded the Bauhaus School in 1919. “Simplicity, tastefulness, function” was their dictum. One of its purest expressions was the black watch dial defined by a single gold dot, designed by American artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. “We do not know time as a number sequence,” Horwitt said, “but by the position of the sun as the earth rotates”. Hence a solitary gold dot at 12 o’clock symbolizing the sun at high noon; the moving hands suggesting the movement of the earth.

The minimalist sensibilities of the original Movado Museum watch are carried over into the contemporary designs of Movado. Perfect for the stylish dad who loves art, design, and looking good 😉 Our top picks:

44mm watch by Movado with stainless steel case, metallic dial, and black leather strap (WAUO503418)

42mm Movado BOLD watch with black plated stainless steel case and cognac leather strap (WAUO503383) – $395

Movado BOLD 43.5mm chrono watch with brown sunray dial and grey leather strap (WAUO503481)

Movado BOLD 43.5mm watch with black ion-plated case, blue dial, and perforated black leather strap (WAUO503515)

We are adding more great Movado watches to our website soon. Stop by one of our stores to see all available styles!


Certified pre-owned Rolex – automatic 36mm with stainless steel case, black diamond dial, and oyster bracelet (WAGO509083) – $7,995

The Swiss Crown*  process begins by hand selecting and buying only the finest quality pre-owned Rolex watches. Each watch is then inspected, refurbished and overhauled. Finally, the watch is refinished, polished and tested by technicians trained on luxury Swiss watches and backed by a two year warranty. A pre-owned Rolex certified by Swiss Crown comes with all the performance, precision and prestige you find at a fraction of the price. Perfect for the dad who loves high end, but also loves a deal! Check our our picks:

Certified pre-owned Rolex – Automatic 36mm 18k yellow gold and stainless steel watch with champagne dial and Jubilee bracelet (WAGO509056) – $8,695

Certified, pre-owned Rolex – Automatic 36mm watch with stainless steel case, green diamond dial, and Jubilee bracelet (WAGO509065) – $7,995

Certified pre-owned Rolex – Automatic 40mm watch with 18k yellow gold and stainless steel, black dial, and Oyster bracelet (WAGO509092) – $10,995

*Swiss Crown USA is not an authorized dealer nor affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex Watch USA Inc. and none of the Swiss Crown USA products are sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by Rolex Watch USA Inc.

Whatever you end up giving this Father’s Day, make sure the dads and father figures in your life know how much they mean to you! Big or small, a gift can be a great reminder to him that he’s valued and loved.

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